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  • 2019 Cannondale Scalpel Si Carbon 4

2019 Cannondale Scalpel-Si Carbon 4 BARRIE ONLY: CALL FOR AVAILABILITY

$5,499.99 $4,799.95
(You save $700.04)

Product Description

Today's XC courses are way more intense, with serious tech sections and hairball features you're more likely to find in DH. These are the kind of courses that don't require a bike. They require a weapon. A weapon that's ultra-light and as stiff as you'd expect - but designed with a lot more capability. For that extra X. This is exactly why Cannondale didn't build the Scalpel-Si just for XC.

They built it for XXC. 

  • System Integration - Though the new Scalpel-Si is one of the absolute lightest frames in the world, the last time Cannondale checked, you don't just ride a frame, you ride a bike.
    So their Si design ensures that the whole package works together seamlessly as you guessed it, a system.
    Only with Zero Pivot flexstays and legendary Lefty front suspension, are game changing innovations like Cannondales Ai offset drivetrain and OutFront geometry possible. Si delivers overall system weight, stiffness and ride-feel that is simply untouchable by other designs.
  • Asymmetric Integration - In the take-no-prisoners world of modern XC, traction and agility are key. One slip in traction, letting off the gas for even a moment, can mean the difference between being off-the-front or out-of-the-hunt.
    The solution is shorter chainstays. But in the big-wheeled reality of current XC bikes, space in that rear triangle is at a premium. So to get shorter stays, something's got to give. Unless you've got Ai. The proprietary Asymmetric Integration Offset Drivetrain (Ai) delivers the shortest stays in the biz, without compromise. Insane traction and wicked agility, killer stiffness and full 2x compatibility, all without giving up tire/mud clearance. 
    Oh, and with a stiffer, stronger rear wheel to boot.
  • Short Chainstays - Cannondales Ai (Asymmetric Integration) system is based on a pretty simple premise - if something is gettin in the way of making your chainstays short and traction-y, get it out of the way.
    To give the rear wheel room to move forward, Cannondale simply moved the chanirings and front derailleur 6 mm outboard, creating tons of space without limiting you to a single ring set-up or making the drive-side stay skinny and weak.
    Then, they shifted the rear triangle over to match, yielding a super stiff, strong rear wheel with even spoke angles and tension, but built on a normal hub. Simply smarter.
  • OutFront - Things are getting crazy on the World Cup circuit lately. There are descents that wouldn't be out of place on DH runs and guys are trying to hit 'em on bikes with geometries straight out of 1997. In Lycra. It's time for something different.
    Scalpel Si's OutFront Steering Geometry delivers the agility you'd expect from an XC machine, but with the line-owning, drop-eating stability and confidence of a burly trail bike. OutFront pairs a slack head angle with a longer-than-normal fork rake on the Lefty.
    The slack angle and long front-center gives wicked stability and control on the descents, while the tight "trail" measurement from the long rake keeps the handling quick and nimble at slow speeds.
    It's a win-win, for people who like to win.
  • LEFTY Ocho - It floats through chop and steers through the choss like nothing else. Silky smooth and unfazed no matter how hard you push it. Happy to get in as deep as you dare. Its extra-long fork offset pairs up with the F-Si’s new, slacker 69° head angle to create OutFront geometry, giving you extra stability to charge the downs, with full XC agility on the ups. Helping the F-Si track perfectly through whatever you throw it into. The first single-crown, single-sided XC suspension fork in the world saves weight in the most obvious way. With just one crown and one leg, all material is concentrated where needed for strength and stiffness, making it one of the lightest suspension forks in the world — 250 grams lighter than previous Lefty. Less un-sprung mass than traditional forks for better suspension response. And a tapered steerer for lighter weight and total compatibility. One crown makes a king.
    When it comes to smoothness, Ocho stands alone. Fewer friction-causing bushings and seals than any other fork. The supple new Chamber damper. And the new Delta Cage evolution of Lefty's revolutionary needle bearing telescope assembly. It all adds up to the smoothest fork ever made. Suspension is movement. The smoother it can move, the better it can do its job. Insulating you from impacts. Floating through the chop. Tracking over the things that would throw you off. Delivering you where you want to go. When it comes to smoothness, Ocho stands alone. Fewer friction-causing bushings and seals than any other fork. The supple new Chamber damper. And the new Delta Cage evolution of Lefty's revolutionary needle bearing telescope assembly. It all adds up to the smoothest fork ever made. No sticking, no binding, no shuddering or hesitation, no matter how hard you push it. Just pure, smooth action always, for ultimate control.
  • Size Dependent fit - The Scalpel-Si is design to put the rider in a properly aggressive race position, with a shorter stem for better high-speed control, 29" wheels on the larger sizes and 27.5" on the smaller for true size-specific fit, and a seat angle that helps maximize over-the-pedals power and traction.
    Cannondale didn't just design this bike to be ridden. They designed it to be raced.
  • Ballistec Carbon - Cannondale's BallisTec Carbon is worthy of its name thanks to a proprietary construction process that yields extreme lightweight, stiffness and durability. It lets us precisely tune the rigidity through out the entire frame- so there's stiffness where you need stiffness and give where you need give. And it lets them push the boundaries of lightweight with such confidence that every Scalpel-Si features their lifetime warranty. It's light done right.
  • LOCKR Pivot System - It's an expanding thru-axle that actually locks the two sides of the swingarm together, so they act like one solid piece, rather than a bolted together collection of parts. It gives the bike a rock-solid feel and it's lighter as well.
    Oh, and best of all, no special tools required.
  • Full Cable Control - With the Scalpel-Si, they've solved the puzzle of full cable control. Cannondale's new interchangeable cable guide inserts let you plug in different configurations for different cable setups. And they lock the housing in place so your perfect loops stay perfect.
    Super mean and super clean.
    Look at the starting line of a world cup these days and you'll spot at least a few dropper seat posts. So they designed a System Integrated Di2 battery compartment that fits into the top tube in front of the shock - so you can still route your dropper post even with Di2.
  • FlatMount for FlexStays - Flat mount discs allow for smooth action of Cannondale's Zero-Pivot flexstays, and they're lighter, cleaner and simpler too. Just one more thing that makes the full Scalpel-Si package unbeatable.
  • Two Cages - That's right. Two bottle cages in the main triangle. Hallelujah.

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