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Bike Travel Case Rental

Travel Case Rental

Our Mississauga location rents B&W bike travel cases. These cases are built tough to protect your bike and your gear to ensure everything arrives perfect during the trip with your bike. A hard shell, aluminum frame, wheel bags and locking latches are perfect for transporting your mountain, road, touring or hybrid bike. Contact us for availability of cases.

Rates are as follows:

$50/week (7days) with minimum 1 week rental. 

Going over your allocated time will result in a charge of $10/day until the case is returned.

Please bring a valid piece of photo ID and a credit card when renting a case. 



  • big protective case for the transport of racing bikes, triathlon bikes and mountain bikes incl. 29"
  • surrounding aluminium frame and protection ring 
  • anti-shock-frame (a-s-f) for a secure fixation of the bike frame in the case 
  • incl. two 29" wheel guards 
  • four free running castor wheels with reinforced axle and an additional castor in the bottom 
  • two handles and a reinforced pilot handle for easy handling 
  • outward belt embedded in the case shell 
  • three hinges and three lockable cliplocks
  • two butterfly locks