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Guru Optimization Fit





 At The Bike Zone we strive to ensure quality and precision while working with all bikes. This means having the best tools for the job. We are proud to have the Guru fitting machine available at both of our locations. The Guru fit system is bar none the most advanced, accurate fitting system available to cyclists today.

GURU's revolutionary software powers the GURU Fit System™ - providing you with an interactive, personalized fit experience to create the perfect riding position.
  • GURU's software captures individual riding positions during your fit session, allowing you to easily compare and contrast different positions to determine which is best for you.
  • GURU's Virtual Warehouse™ replaces a conventional test ride by allowing you to select individual models to ride on the GURU Fit System™ - featuring thousands of bikes across all categories(road, cyclocross, mountain, tri, recreation) from major manufacturers.
  • Every GURU fit session includes a comprehensive, personalized fit report that outlines your exact riding position coordinates - making it easy to replicate your riding position on a new bike or an existing bike.


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