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Bike-Packing: The Setup for Under $2000

Posted by Bryden M on

Bike-Packing: The Setup for Under $2000

Bike-packing is a new form of mountain and road-gravel touring that integrates the aspect of camping. "Packing", as it is often referred to, is a largely growing section of the cycling community that is taking the market by storm.

A question we often get asked is, "how much will a basic setup cost?" We have laid out the perfect entry level setup for overnight or multiple night excursions for under $2000. Alternatively, this setup can also be used for regular touring minus the handlebar bag.

Below we have outlined the most important (bike related) items to start your adventure.

The Bike: 2018 Kona Rove

When searching for the perfect bike to start packing on, some of the most crucial factors are the accessory mounts/attachments. The main three mounts to look for are the front rack, rear rack, and bottle cage mounts. These will give you the option in the future to change to a rack/pannier setup if you so choose. The Kona Rove features all three of these mounts giving you, the rider, the utmost in flexibilty. The next thing to look for is a quality drive train. The Kona Rove features a Shimano Claris 8 speed drive train, allowing ease of use for steep hills or rough conditions. How about brakes? Well…speed is important, but safety comes first! Rider, bike, and gear combined require a lot of braking power and The Kona Rove features a set of Hayes CX Comp Mechanical Disc brake. For more details on the Kona Rove Click Here

Frame Bag: Apidura Road Frame Bag (Large 6L)

Apidura Road Frame Bag (Large 6L)

The Frame bag on any packing setup is the heart and soul of its storage. The Apidura Road Frame Bag provides a spacious 6 liters to store anything from food/snacks the clothes that will keep you warm when the temperature drops. Water resistance is a necessity when searching for any type of storage for your bike and this bag does not fall short! Fully Water resistant material wraps this stunning storage compartment making sure all your belongings stay nice and dry. To see the Apidura Road Frame Click Here

Saddle Bag: Arkel Seatpacker (Large - 15L)

Distribution of weight is critical when loading your bicycle up with the necessity's and the space behind your seat is valuable real estate. The Arkel Seatpacker is a fantastic option with simple mounting system. The Seatpacker includes a full waterproofed design keeping your clothes and food dry. (Also works with dropper posts.) To see more about the Arkel SeatPacker Click Here

Handlebar Bag: Apidura Front Handlebar Bag (Large - 14L) & Accessory Pouch (4.5L)

Last, but certainly not least is the Apidura Handlebar Bag and Accessory Pouch. Roll up sides help this bag resist water and keep valuables safe. Draw strings on the front can be utilized when the accessory pouch is not attached. The Accessory pouch is the final step in this adventure, being fully water proof this is the perfect place to keep a phone, wallet or really anything else! 


2018 Kona Rove - $999.95

Apidura Road Frame Bag - $149.95

Arkel Seatpacker - $249.95

Apidura Front Handlebar Bag - $174.95

Accessory Pouch - $99.95

Total = $1892.46


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