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Commuting in the Off Season

Posted by Kris S on

For the last year I have been commuting to work by bicycle. It started in July 2015 after a mountain bike injury prevented me from riding trails for the duration of the season. I still had the itch to ride so I thought commuting would be a great choice. Of course riding in the summer is wonderful; sun is out during the day, the nights are cool and refreshing, but as the seasons change the general perception of riding changes as well. Fall is cooler than summer, usually much windier, and rain is more common in our area. As the seasons change, preparation for the ride changes as well : Bringing pack-able waterproof pants and a jacket is a must, and layers are great as the temperature varies quite drastically throughout the day. When winter hits; This is when your preparation pays off. Having wind and water proof outer layers is a must, and some winter/or studded tires definitely help with traction, control and safety. I had just grabbed myself a new jacket and less than 2 rides after getting my studded tires installed the snow hit. I was very glad to have them as I was warm and in control. The effectiveness of the studs on a slick patch was surprisingly better then anticipated. Now that I have all of my gear sorted for the winter, the only thing stopping me from continuing my commute is myself, and so far it looks like another winter of cycling. 

2016 Kona Esatto DDL

Kona Esatto DDL

Light & Motion Seca 1700 Enduro

Ortlieb Backroller

45NRTH Xerxes 700CX30C studded tires

Shimano XT Pedals

Topeak Defender iGlow Fender

MucOff HydroDynamic Lube